Comprehensive & Compassionate Behavioral Health Services

Patient Resources

Spokane Behavioral Health Services

Patients at Psychiatric Solutions spend several hours with us each day, and we strive to provide every patients with individualized attention in a warm and friendly environment. Providing you with an outstanding experience, helping you create goals for mental health and wellness, and protecting your privacy are some of our top priorities.

Every patient’s treatment plan is personalized to meet their unique needs. To do this, our staff has to work closely with patients and create a personal relationship where everyone feels comfortable speaking openly and honestly.

Patient resources at Psychiatric Solutions include:

  • New Patient Forms that allow us to learn more about you before you arrive
  • Free initial assessments where we can learn more about your mental health issues and you can learn more about our treatment options
  • A friendly and warm environment that encourages open communication
  • Comprehensive care from a compassionate team of medical professionals who work collaboratively
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and treatments, such as transcranial stimulation (TMS)

Call (509) 740-0024 to schedule a free assessment at Psychiatric Solutions. You can also contact us online. Our team will be happy to answer any of your questions.